Find the place you wanted to be.

Showy is an app to help you to find events you want to go. You can make your choice thanks to the pictures and videos posted by the other users.

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From the map, see what’s near

You can see the areas where events happen now or really soon. If you select one, you will have all the informations needed and pictures and videos the other users there sended. You can really see if it’s for you

From the list, see it organized

If you care much about the description of the event than the place, you can also see all the events from a list. Then you will be able to find quickly and simply the place you want to go. This option allow to display all the description of the event, the distance from where you aren, the date, time, catogory and also to preview some pictures and videos the others users sended.

Share your photos and videos
with the comunity

When you go to an event, you can share your photos and videos with the other users and keep amazing moment. By sharing you can show how is the event ! You will be then to create your own event public or private to share your passion, hobbys and emotions.

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